Thursday, 18 January 2007

Damn Jam and Jerusalem

I was dead chuffed to find out that the theatre has all the necessary licences in place which entitle me to use any music I want. Done properly, a tune or two will help elevate things I reckon.

Rather than subject the audience member to the Paisley Underground stylings of my CD collection, I've been on the look-out (hear-out?) for music that is accessible, suitable and most of all - good. Also, I'd like to use just one artist to help set a consistent tone.

I thought I'd found the perfect music courtesy of Kate Rusby. Kate is the gorgeous singer/songwriter who plays folk with a modern vibe which I thought would fit perfectly - both in terms of the tone and the relevance of the lyrics to the play ("Underneath the Stars" in particular).

However, Jennifer Saunders beat me to it as Kate Rusby's music was used extensively throughout her recent BBC comedy series Jam and Jerusalem.

Dawn French as Rosie in Jam and Jerusalem

Being a fan of both, it was quite a hoot to hear familiar songs in the series, but, not wishing to be derivative (as if a melodrama set at a wedding isn't derivative enough!), means I'll be looking (listening?) elsewhere.

Bellowhead are the current favourites...

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