Wednesday, 17 January 2007

"Like a big, upright slug"

So I've finally got around to peeling the mental Post-It notes from my brain and have started the second draft.

Several people were kind enough to read the first draft and offer their feedback. Needing to address their points (or the ones I agreed with, at least!) and combine them with my own thoughts has been a daunting prospect.

But with the first public readthrough due in just over two weeks, the arse needed to get back in gear.

It was funny reading the first draft now - nearly a year on from when it was finished. Some of the dialogue contradicts the new ideas and there are a few clichés I must have just become blind to - "Alex: Cheer up, it might never happen!" for example. How did that get past the censor?

Crucially, I've been made aware that this is a play script, not a 'How To' manual. It's not necessary to describe the movements in precise and monotonous detail like I had done - just let the dialogue flow and the characters' words will allow the actors to convey the appropriate emotion.

The Best Man's speech has also taken a severe hammering as the original was a very self-indulgent cover version of a speech I once delivered. It was a great speech, as Mr and Mrs Soley will attest, but it went on for about half-an-hour. With taking so long, it was the main factor in holding up the play's big moment. Lots of people commented on the fact that it took too long to reach the story's moment of conflict - and they were right. Get on with it, Banners!

There's lots to do but I'm glad I've made a start at last. What was there to worry about? Somewhat reassuringly it's been making me smile and my mind is racing with new ideas. Most importantly, I really enjoyed being back in the characters' company. They're a good bunch and I'll be introducing them on here soon...

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