Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Second Draft Complete

As my creaking printer and a couple of empty ink cartridges attest, I've finished the second draft. More accurately, I've decided to stop the self-editing which has now got to the point of being more like proof-reading rather than rewriting. Basically, having pressed the 'Print' button, I will now stop just fussing.

It's down from 23,782 words to 20,776 which makes things a lot tighter, and most significantly, Dan's motivation is made specific and tied into the narrative. I also swapped back two scenes which had got themselves in the wrong order at some point during the rewrite(!)

There will surely be things that need to be improved upon before arriving at the final draft, but the script is in good shape for Friday's readthrough. Now I only need to worry about fulfilling the promise of free nibbles for those who are coming along...

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