Wednesday, 24 January 2007

"Your quickly revolving bottom"

So the first draft has been cut apart and pasted back together in a different order. New bits have been added and the ending is completely different. A significant musical aspect has been reassessed and I now have the skeleton of a second draft that, when fleshed out, will be somewhat better than its predecessor.

Typing the words "THE END" again a few minutes ago was a very good feeling. But, in truth, I will have to go back and - to continue the metaphor - put meat on the bones before it can be considered ready for next week's readthrough.

And, of course, the readthrough is sure to reveal that there are still plenty of things that don't work, and that I'm not as funny as the on-demand canned laughter in my head would have me believe.

Nope, it's nowhere near the end yet...

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