Saturday, 17 February 2007

Fringe Magnate

Yesterday, I went to an Edinburgh Fringe roadshow which was held at The Rep. It was a chance for Fringe organisers to give potential participants a taste of what to expect, and provided pointers about how to stage a show at the "largest arts festival in the world".


Hearts & Minds was in part borne out of my experience at the Fringe in 2005. I wasn't particularly enjoying the show I was in, and as I was merely a last-minute addition to the cast, rather than any true sense of involvement, I felt a bit distanced from the real Fringe buzz. Whilst grateful to be there, I looked jealously at the groups who were joyfully bounding up-and-down the Royal Mile due to being full of enthusiasm for their own creations - whilst I begrudgingly passed out moribund flyers for somebody else's gig.

With this and little attention heading our way, for most of the fortnight I was merely on the, um, fringe of the Fringe and got to thinking how wonderful it would be to go back with something I felt a real part of - and get really involved.

Admittedly, taking one's own show to the Fringe is something of a lofty ambition but it seemed a good idea to sate my curiousity a little and go along to yesterday's presentation. And I was glad that I did as three significant things emerged from it...

The first was that if this is going to happen, it will be in 2008 and not this year. There is simply too much to do and too little time.

The second is that I now have an ally - someone who is keen to instigate things and research what needs to be done in order to make this happen. Not only is she a Production Assistant at mac, and a Director, but she has also taken two shows to Edinburgh before, and worked up there, so I am truly flattered by her interest and enthusiasm.

Finally, the two of us got to meet esteemed theatre producer Richard Jordan who indulged us for some time. He was enthusiastic to hear about our ambitions and gave us some valuable insights and advice.

All of this means that maybe, just maybe, the Crescent production - the real production - can be considered as the beginning of a larger adventure...

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