Friday, 2 February 2007

Into the Breach

So, everything's been done and printed and I'm just about to head to the theatre - via Tesco for the promised nibbles(!) - for tonight's readthrough of the second draft. And I'm nervous about two things...

Firstly, that people will turn up. It's a lot to ask of people to give up their evening, especially on a Friday, and I've had a few apologies, but as long as it's not just me and the wallpaper, we should be fine.

Secondly, that the script will work. I'm not expecting this to be the best play ever or that it will offer any revelatory experiences. But I do hope to hear a few laughs and see some upset - at the appropriate bits, of course(!) I just hope it is well received and that the readthrough doesn't reveal any glaring mistakes in the play's structure and/or internal logic.

But then if I think this is scary, I guess it won't compare to the opening night - assuming the readthrough doesn't go so badly that we won't have an opening night...

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