Thursday, 22 February 2007

Pre-Pre-Production Meeting

Last night, myself and the other FourPlay Directors attended a meeting where we were given a taste of the process that we will shortly be entering into. Being first-timers, it seemed a good idea to have a meeting before the formal pre-production process kicks off so that we could gain a sense of what's expected.

The myriad tasks that will need to be undertaken have all been a bit abstract previously. I knew there were lots of things to do, but not exactly what, or when. Now I realise all four of us really do have to start thinking about props lists, cue sheets, scheduling rehearsals, finding space for rehearsals, sets, sound and lighting design, music, costumes, familiarisation, auditions, casting, publicity, the programme, health and safety assessments and no doubt lots more...!

All this - and I haven't even got a finished script yet(!)

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