Friday, 9 February 2007

Quiet Week

After the work that went into preparing last Friday's readthrough, it's been quiet this week and although lots came from it, I haven't touched the script since.

I did see Billy Liar though, which took place in the same space as H&M will. It was very well realised, but I couldn't help be distracted with thoughts about how H&M might be staged in there - "Hmm, maybe we could have the bed suspended from the balcony...?" I was also watching the actors and thinking I'd quite like them to audition!

The only thing of note to report is a that a pre-pre-production(!) meeting has been set up for the 21st. Ahead of this, I've been given a form and asked to create a list of props, scenes and costumes etc. so that the theatre can start to assess feasibility and think about how to realise things. I'm just a bit worried that the boxes I have to fill in are a bit small though...!

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