Monday, 5 February 2007

Out of the Breach

I came through Friday night's readthrough relatively unscathed. I was thankful that so many people came - even though this meant some couldn't read as much as I'd have liked - and it was great to see a few old friends.


As we read through I tried to get a sense of people's reactions to the story and the emotions I was trying to get across. Largely, it all worked although one glaring error was revealed where the Best Man was given a line when he wasn't actually in the scene(!) It's a good line, but one that wouldn't really suit any of the other characters, so I'll have to see what happens to that.

Some of the jokes just didn't work, and I gradually sank further into my chair as each punchline missed the mark. I was also told by someone that they'd heard a particular joke before. Google reveals a similar gag comes from Seinfeld, but as I've never seen a single episode, that's a good thing, right?

Elsewhere, it appears I've gone too far with the self-censorship of the swearing. It now seems unnatural that the characters don't swear given some of the extreme emotions they experience.

Finally, there is one scene where sex appears to cure all ills. Although this is something I'm sure the NHS would be delighted to hear, it's not exactly the case.

So, there's plenty to address and improve upon - which was the point of the evening and precisely what was needed as I start to think about the final draft ahead of organising audition dates and beginning the pre-production.

And the highlight? The lovely musical interlude. I wasn't sure this would work but it did, very well. So that is definitely staying in...

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wide-eyed said...

I was impressed anyway. It had a really professional feel to it.

It wasn't as sentimental as you would have had us believe and in fact struck quite a rewarding course between sucrose-tinged warmth and some quite harrowing subject matter.

I'll write more and better soon (on the script) (in red pen).

PS - never say I don't listen to your opinions - I've sorted the filter issue out on Troubadour. It looks much better now thank you.