Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Jack's Back...

...and so are the rest of the wedding party.

Yup, I finally got to the task of going back to the script in advance of creating the final draft - the script that will be actually be used. Admittedly, this evening wasn't particularly creative as I spent most of it adjusting line and paragraph spacing. Rock n Roll!

However, I made one nice change, addressed a few of the less-complex points from the readthrough and added another debatable gag. I was a little reluctant to do this as the readthrough showed that some jokes didn't work as I had imagined, but I couldn't resist this one which involves one of the characters struggling to remember the name of a pub.

We have another pre-production meeting tomorrow at which I'm hoping we will agree a rehearsal schedule and dates for the Familiarisation and Auditions.

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