Friday, 16 March 2007

More Soppy Than a Kitten in a Frog Suit

As another evening of work on the final script comes to a close I'm starting to worry that H&M is in danger of becoming the most soppy thing in the whole of existence. Crying whilst writing (again) is surely not a good thing...(!)

Not as Soppy as Hearts & Minds

It's difficult to know how far is too far. I want feeling and emotion, and for people to be engaged, but it has to be "Ahhh...." rather than "Bleurgh...." - whether this be the audience or the cast. Given that a couple of the themes are actually quite big, quite sad issues, if the sentiment doesn't work it's just going to be appalling.

But if it does work, we'll all end up hugging. We'll also be jolly glad that instead of troubles at a modern-day wedding, I've now decided to make the play a musical about a Victorian workhouse for one-legged blind orphans with scurvy - who overcome their evil, rich masters thanks to a wish upon a star, a talking hamster, and the arrival of a female chimney sweep called Hope - who teaches them to love, sing and tap dance unipedally.

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