Sunday, 22 April 2007

Booked It, Blocked It, Rewriting It... Dammit

So Ricky Tomlinson, Stephen Merchant and Eva Birthistle et al helped me complete the blocking. What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday(!) To do this with the little figures really helped I think - my imagination was treated to some wonderful sketches of how H&M will come to life with it all laid out in front of me, and it feels quite fulfilling to have done something that seemed quite daunting.

Predictably, going through this process revealed a few technical errors in the script, so that will need tweaking again. Argh! Did I say it was finished?

The kind of problems highlighted are of characters apparently standing beside or even kissing someone who, according to the script's instructions, is actually on the opposite side of the room at that point. There are also people being told to sit and then sit again on the next page (how would that work?) and, according to the current script, everything is brought onto the stage just as and when it should be... but never taken off.

I wouldn't have gone through this process if I wasn't directing H&M too, and the little bugs may well have remained in what I thought was the final draft. So, thankfully, this has taught me that it's incumbent upon a playwright to alsobutely, sorry, absolutely make sure the script works technically, as well as creatively.

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