Sunday, 22 April 2007

Building Blocks

The process of 'blocking' - working out and then telling your actors where to go - has always been a mystery to me, and whilst I've always been aware that it's something I have to do for H&M, I've never known quite how to go about it.

Furthermore, whilst most Directors I've worked with have turned up to the first rehearsal with the majority of moves mapped out in advance, there was one who moved us like pawns as he continually experimented with where he wanted us. This slowed things down and was incredibly frustrating as, quite literally, you never knew where you were from one rehearsal to the next.


To address these points, I have made my own pawns - a little cardboard figure of each of H&M's characters printed with faces from the inevitable BBC adaptation. I have also cleared the dining room table and will map out the stage areas (with oxo cubes, matchboxes and the like) ready to move my little friends about and thus identify all the moves ready for the first rehearsal..

Seeing as there are eleven of them, it seems a bit like a form of origami Subbuteo to me(!) And I have no idea if this is what real Directors do, or if this is the first sign of madness...

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