Sunday, 15 April 2007

Fayre Play

After a morning spent in the sun creating exhaustive props and costumes lists, TLPA and I went to a Wedding Fayre as guests of Everything Organised. There was free champagne, a catwalk show, live music and goodie bags stuffed with chocolate and, um, perfume samples.

Pretty in Ivory

We went with the intention of meeting a dress supplier and florist who we hope will join us and help create the unique wedding feel we wish to bring to theatre for the duration of H&M's run. Wonderfully, it seems as if they're very interested, and that we may have achieved exactly what we went for - and more...

We were also delighted to meet someone keen to create wedding invites for us (which can be handed to out to the audience as they arrive), a magician(!) and a jeweler. Hopefully we can confirm things on here in the near future...

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