Sunday, 8 April 2007

The End

The final script for Hearts & Minds is now complete.

That's not to say more (very) minor changes might not be forthcoming - after all, we have a cast to be assembled, and even esteemed playwrights have continued to make changes to their plays over several years - but with auditions just three weeks away and pre-production due to begin in earnest soon, this is to all intents-and-purposes what we'll be bringing to life.

I am making it available here until after the auditions ie. Monday April 30th.

The editing process has shown me that despite what I may have often thought, the script has never been quite as good as it could be. Even now, there may well be a few ideas that don't work, opportunities I may have missed and characters who are given instructions to stand before they've sat. I also expect a few typos and layout issues are still in there. But, what the hey - the sun is shining and I have chocolate eggs to eat.

Please be aware that the story has a few twists-and-turns, and if you're interested in seeing the show rather than auditioning for it, it may be worth resisting a sneak peek for now(!)

If I wasn't directing H&M too, that'd be it. But as I am, there is no magical sense of achievement at the moment - certainly nothing like how I felt when I completed what is now considered the first draft back in March 2006. It seems trite to say "this is just the beginning" or some such nonsense, but my real excitement - and fears - pave the path of the production process which lays ahead.

I'd say about twenty people have read previous drafts, either on their own or at the recent readthrough. Some said they didn't like it, some said it was just okay and some said they loved it. But all of them said it needed work. And that's what I've done. A lot of work.

Some may still not like it, some may still say it's just okay. Hopefully some will love it even more.

Me? Right now, I think it's the best damn script in the whole fucking world.


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