Thursday, 5 April 2007


When I decided to set the deadline of Easter Sunday for finalising the script, I anticipated that I would be writing to the early hours every night until then and agonising over huge swathes of the final draft.

On the contrary - whilst the script has stayed open on my PC, I've merely alt+tabbed to it every now and then to do really finickity things like add a line, change a word, or turn a hyphen to ellipsis...

Rather than a loss of momentum or boredom, it's more of an acceptance that, hey - this thing is pretty good. I'm tempted to finish now - to end this process of printing it out, going through it like a teacher marks a book, and then only making a smattering of changes.

I mean, if the cast turn out to be anything like me when I act, despite all these minor edits, the actual words will seldom get a mention(!)

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