Thursday, 19 April 2007

Format for Matt

One of the most daunting things about this entire project is the auditions. Not only am I worried about people not turning up (especially as The Comedy of Errors seems to have a cast of thousands) but about the format the auditions should take.

I've had a few in my time and they seem to be one of two types...

The first is where everybody is sat in a circle and takes turns to read several scenes over-and-over until everyone has had a go at the characters they'd like to be considered for.

The second takes place behind-closed-doors where auditionees are invited in on their own or in pairs. This time though, they're up on their feet, able to move and emote a bit more.

Being a character-driven piece, and being in the Studio, I'm going to adopt the latter approach for the H&M auditions... Or, no, maybe I'll get everyone together like the first option. Or maybe I'll get people in in pairs? Oh no - what if they hate me? What if I have to say "No thanks" to someone? What if only three people turn up?


Aren't the nerves supposed to on the other side of the table?

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