Friday, 20 April 2007

Going Maverick

After several unofficial but very positive pre-pre-production meetings, last night was the real deal. This had been a red letter day for quite a while as it represented the first time that the theatre's various 'Sections' would come on board - specifically those responsible for Set, Lighting, Sound, Props and Wardrobe.


Right from the start, we knew that FourPlay was being treated as one project and as such each play could not expect to receive the same level of resource as a regular production. That's fine. But I was surprised by the sharp intakes of breath which met the lists of props and costumes which we had been asked to submit.

In order to alleviate the pressure H&M is putting on the theatre, we have already made great strides to gain help from local suppliers, and we will now begin to hunt for the more obscure props which the Crescent doesn't have (mainly from eBay I guess). But it also looks as if we'll be asking our cast for help in supplying some elements - or indeed all - of their own costumes, which I hope potential Auditionees will be alright with.

Thankfully, H&M is set in the modern day...

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