Wednesday, 4 April 2007


We had a another pre-pre-production meeting last night. We discussed the must-have elements of the sets that each of the FourPlay plays will use so that the theatre can start thinking about how the space will be laid out and managed. Where, for example, will the bed we need go when the other plays are on?

The real must-haves though are, of course, the actors - and we all four of us confessed we were nervous about enough people turning up. The Love Play director even tapped up The PA and made sure she left with a copy of his script(!)

The theatre are keen to accomodate any crazy schemes we can concoct for sponsorship and help with creating that Wedding Reception feel. Indeed, The PA and I are meeting with the country's biggest wedding brand next week who seem very keen to get involved in some way - which will be fantastic. Can't say too much about that yet though...!

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