Friday, 27 April 2007

No Worries About Worry Beads

Having agreed to sort out as many of the props and costumes as we can, six sets of worry beads arrived today, all the way from Greece.

Oi Kombolói!

More properly known as Kombolói, it's great to have the real thing, and they were delightfully presented and came with some free sweets! However, having six might give you an idea that something happens to them...

Next on the list of things to get - and as a result of seeing the awesome Closer last night - is a camouflage net. I hope it won't have to match the colour scheme.

This may seem an odd thing to have at a wedding(!) but will alleviate a potential problem where two of the characters from H&M would otherwise have been sat on the floor and thus be unseen by those on the back rows - as happened in the otherwise-flawless Closer during one scene.

You're wondering how a camouflage net will help. I'm wondering how to find one...

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