Thursday, 26 April 2007

Strangely Familiar

There was a turnout of over 30 people at the FourPlay Familiarisation last night, which of course contained a section on H&M. There was a mix of old and new faces which is always pleasing for the theatre.

I got a bit nervous for my presentation (too nervous to take a photo!) and The Lovely Production Assistant's bit got off to a bad start when she stood up to discover a lump of chewing gum clung firmly to her bottom.

On reflection the excerpts I chose for everyone to read were maybe too short to give a rounded sense of the characters and the style of the script, but there were a couple of laughs. Phew.

Overall, with the Love Hearts, the music, the thorough run-through of our plans off stage and on, and the little trick I played at the beginning (you had to be there) I think we gave a good account of ourselves, and more importantly, of H&M.

The only worry is maybe the lack of women of a certain age who turned up. We'll need a couple more at the Auditions on Monday. Or maybe I'll drag up and get to be in it after all...

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