Friday, 4 May 2007

Cast Away!

After a little hesitation, and with the blessing of the theatre's Chairman, TLPA and I concluded our final audition last night, discussed things a bit more and then began the process of phoning the auditionees with news of my decision about who to offer parts to.


As we had been at theatre, where cast members of The Threepenny Opera were arriving for a rehearsal, I was able to see several people in person which was quite fortunate, but making the calls has been a very mixed experience.

We were keen to give good news to some - who thankfully all said "Yes" to us(!) - but sensitive about turning others down, especially those who had contributed and supported me so much up until now. I made most of the 'Sorry' calls from a McDonald's car park with a conciliatory box of french fries beside me.

It sounds ruthless to have given bad news to so many good people, especially those I consider as friends, but that's just the nature of these things. I'm grateful that everyone was so gracious and glad that many will be in other FourPlay shows.

In total, after six auditions, I have seen 29 people. I didn't expect nearly so many, but from them I could have had any number of combinations of people - especially the Bride, Groom, Best Man and Bridesmaid. But I had to make a decision, or risk entering July without a cast in place! Whilst it's been hard to make the final choice, the number has made it easy to cast people with real ability.

After the worries about any people auditioning, and the stress of the decision-making process, the feeling of having a complete cast which I can visualise is very satisfying.

We have some true stars - and I can't wait to show them off.

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The Lovely PA said...

Although I'm smiling in this picture (THANKS MATT for posting this dreadful shot of me for all the world to see), inside I was in turmoil - would our Bride say yes? Would our Bridegroom think I was chatting him up?! Would the Bridesmaid mind me asking her dress size when we haven't been formally introduced?! And would anybody mention the infamous "Chewing Gum on Bum" incident that occurred at the Familiarisation?!! Yes. And that person shall remain nameless ....