Wednesday, 16 May 2007


There have been a lot of milestones throughout the process of bringing H&M to life. From making mock wedding invitations (complete with funky red ribbons) in time for the decisive meeting of the 'New Season Selection Committee' all the way back in March 2006, right through to the climax of the show's run on July 13th 2007, H&M's development is being dictated by having things ready for certain dates.

And today, we received a load more dates - 20 to be exact.

Specifically, we now have the Rehearsal Schedule. Not only does this reinforce my plans and make the road ahead quite tangible, but it is also very kind to us. Whilst I was asked to submit an ideal schedule some months ago, with the other three FourPlay plays, The Sunshine Boys, The Comedy of Errors and the Big Script project all going on, I was expecting lots of compromise.

Indeed, on occasion, certain productions have had to rehearse in a nearby school or even in the foyer when everywhere else has been full up - so I was anticipating a couple of evenings in a broom cupboard or even the Gents'(!) However, I am very thankful that in a testament to our Theatre Manager's legendary affection for (and ability with) spreadsheets, we have got a plan which matches what I asked for almost-exactly - just the right amount of time and space to make things shine.

The diary (or at least the calendar on my mobile) has been kept deliberately free, but now it's pretty full up for the next eight weeks - starting from this Tuesday, May 22nd. And whilst there will be some nights when members of the cast aren't needed or able to make it (the actress playing the sexy Anna, for example, has a suitably glamorous and continent-spanning career!) I will be there every night.

I'm sure there will be a few heartaches and mindaches headaches, but there will also be a lot of fun - and the privilege of seeing this thing slowly come to life excites me completely.

The Rehearsal Schedule signposts the way and sets out the time that the cast and I (and TLPA) will spend together. I think - I hope - I'm going to love every second of it.

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