Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Forecast For Cast

I was so humbled that so many talented and kind people turned up for last night's Auditions. I am also incredibly tired after a sleepless night spent envisioning potential casts formed of virtually everybody I've seen.

We used the Studio Theatre - where H&M will ultimately take place - and everyone sat and watched as I either called people up or they volunteered themselves. After one run-through of everybody, I tried a few combinations and then ended with arguably the script's strongest passage which was met with applause all round - not just for the reading, but for what I think was a good and fair night.


It went well, and very quickly! I was pleased that everyone got an equal go and was able to try out for all the parts they wanted. We had a great mix of established, new and potential members.

There were a few script malfunctions (photocopied pages hastily stapled in the wrong order - mea culpa!) but the help of an experienced Director (also our Edinburgh Project Manager) was immense and ensured we avoided any other potential problems. Indeed, without her, I wouldn't have even remembered the basics such as asking for people's names(!)

As well as assessing raw ability, I have to consider people in terms of the generations and the couples in the play, and also the pool of people available to FourPlay as a whole. Obviously, all four of us want the best casts - but we also want the best for each other, the theatre and the punters.

I have a few others to see tonight, after which I will finalise the proposed cast. This will be approved by the Theatre after which I can contact all those who have auditioned - with good or, sadly (but inevitably for some), bad news.

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