Wednesday, 23 May 2007

If Music Be The Food of Love...

Alleluia! The choir is finally booked. The boys insisted it was an extravagance but I do think it adds that little extra something. Now all that remains is to sort what they'll be singing. Daniel has suggested "Sweet Caroline" but I told him that would be more appropriate for the evening, as would Alex's suggestion of "You're the One That I Want" from Grease. He seems to have become obsessed of late with these reality TV talent shows. Mind you it does keep him out of the way when I'm trying to sort the final touches for the big day. It's so exciting! I had planned to adjust the length of Daniel's trousers last night - he's grown up so fast! - but the new calligrapher stopped by to show me some examples of her name cards for the tables. I must say they do look very smart and she assures me she'll be able to make her S's look less like P's when she does the final set. I do hope so, as I don't wish to be known at my only son's wedding as "Rope", and while Sue is a lovely understanding lady, she might object to being down as "Pue".

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