Wednesday, 9 May 2007

In the style of Rose...

Well I must say it's all very exciting and I'm very much looking forward to seeing Danny standing at the top of the aisle. Caroline is such a lovely girl and we couldn't be happier for them both. There's so much to organise before the big day though and the days seem to just pass so quickly when there's so much to do. The catering company has finally called back (after many nervous calls regarding the cake from myself!) but has come up trumps in the end with the most spectacular three tiered display. The icing has been made just how Danny used to like it when he was a little boy and the figurines look so like our two lovebirds. Oh, it reminds me so much of when William and I got married - the big day was just perfect. I am slightly worried though as to whether there will be enough cake for all the guests should they want seconds, but Alex ashores me I'm worrying unnecessarily. Well, it would be lovely to stay and chat but the bridesmaid's shoes have just been delivered and they're completely the wrong colour to match the table napkins. To make matters worse the caligrapher for the name cards on the tables has just broken her wrist playing tennis and has had to pull out.

;0) KDx


Matthew Banwell said...

Hey - I thought I was the writer ;-)


KateD said...

Tee Hee :0). Actually, I was really worried in case my perception of Rose was completely wrong.