Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Let them eat cake!
(preferably without dog hairs)

They say a problem shared is a problem halved but I'm starting to doubt that. Next week is Daniel's stag party and I'm really beginning to worry what Chris has got planned for him. I have tactfully tried to remind Chris that his duty is to look after my son but he just smiles and says he won't let him do anything he wouldn't do. Hardly reassuring! Alex has tried to help, but saying things like "I'm sure he'll bring him back with all his limbs" was not what I wanted to hear. Callie dearest is planning a weekend away at a health spa - now why can't the boys do something nice and civilised like that?

I spoke to the caterers again today and there's been a slight problem with them transporting the cake to the wedding venue on the Saturday morning - something about a double booking with some Russian, Abramo something, - I forget - anyway, they very kindly said they would bring it round on the Friday morning to our house instead. I've measured the boot space in the Volvo and there's just enough room to slip it in there. Alex assures me he won't let the dog near the car in the week leading up to the big day and will get it professionally valeted. I mean, it can be the nicest cake in the world, but finding a dog hair mixed in with your marzipan is not something I want people to remember most about the wedding!

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