Sunday, 13 May 2007

Naming Names

With the cast soon about to adopt new personalities, I thought it time to reveal where all the names of the characters came from....

First off, all of the male character's names are from the Americana band Green on Red. So we have Dan Stuart, Jack Waterson, Chris Cacavas and Alex MacNicol - and William coming from Chuck Prophet's nickname Billy.

Whilst Caroline comes from the Aimee Mann song "Goodbye Caroline", the ladies' names were just because I liked them. Rose is quite metaphorical, Sue just seems to go nicely with Jack and Anna and Lucy just sounded right, albeit changed from the original Linda and Naomi because of their potential for William's habit of "calling everyone by a stupid name".

Finally, and returning to the musical theme, the surnames Robertson and Page reference the two main singer-songwriters of The Barenaked Ladies, a band who used to be quite good.

So now you know...

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