Thursday, 17 May 2007

Poster Post

You'll have seen this picture before, but with all the hi-res and vector logos acquired from our supporters, the artwork for the flyers and posters is now good to go...

Bill Stickers is Innocent

Getting my own flyers and posters printed feels a little awkward because the Crescent has produced its own design some time ago. However, whilst the image is pretty cool, it only promotes FourPlay as a singular entity. Given the shared nature of the project that's fine, but the names of the plays aren't even mentioned on the posters, although they're on the back of the flyers (admittedly this is more of a big deal for the others, as no-one will have heard of H&M or of me, but they'll want to attract fans of their plays and the playwrights).

As this blog should demonstrate, I just want to give this show my all. If we don't sell any more tickets after the recent Group Booking for the opening night (cool - thanks!) then at least I won't be thinking 'if only...'.

I hope Ian, Emma and Lauren don't mind and, of course, the back of the flyers promotes their shows too.

The production of these flyers and posters is a way of spreading the word about H&M in a way which will benefit the Crescent, at no cost to the theatre. And, thanks to the day job, the results will be professional. I'm also getting a pretty good deal - so it's not costing me too much.

Whilst this DIY approach to posters and flyers is not without precedent (it's not unusual to hear reports of cast members monopolising their office's colour laser printer in the week leading up to a show), I hope they aren't seen as an ungrateful, indignant or rebellious act.

But, most of all, I hope that they will be seen...

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