Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Rehearsal Report 1

After what seems like ages since deciding upon the cast, the first H&M rehearsal took place last night. Indeed, there were a number of firsts - my first rehearsal as Director, the first time working at the Crescent for our new members and the first time that the actors got to meet each other.

The Mothers Watch Their Kids

Intended mostly as an icebreaker and a welcome (I think the biscuits and Buck's Fizz helped a little here), it was fun to see everyone working out who the other members of their 'stage families' are and who some of them will get to kiss(!) Very luckily, we were in the Studio and this will have helped everyone visualise the space they'll ultimately be performing in.

As we revisited the audition pieces - only this time with the chosen actors in place - it was great to see how much thought had already gone into the characters. In particular, Becky, our wonderful Bride, was so powerful and moving at one point that it was amazing to think she still had a script in her hand and we still have seven weeks to go(!)

I kept referring to people by both their actual and stage names, and even more confusion was caused as between on-stage and off-stage we have two Jacks, two Sues, and two Carolines(!)

I was admittedly a little unprepared for tackling the very first scene - which is set entirely to music - but we gave it a good go and the way in which everyone threw themselves into the whole night was both heartening and humbling, especially when in the last thing we did - as the first scene changes in to the second - Caroline and Les started reciting lines without their scripts...!

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