Thursday, 24 May 2007

Rehearsal Report 2

After working with the majority of the cast on Tuesday, tonight's rehearsal saw us working with just four actors and concentrating on their characters' relationships with one another.

A Place in the Country

These smaller workouts are partly through necessity given the confines of the Committee Room we've been allocated on occasion, but they are also intended to enable us to focus on the emotional interaction which forms the bulk of the play. Given the nature of the story, it will be really important to achieve the right balance between everyone, and tonight worked well in this regard, specifically around Rose (KateD) and Alex (Ivor).

Two highlights were Alex's scene with Jack (Roger) and Dan (Ben) which leads into the play's resolution, and KateD's emotional singing(!) It was great to have our Groom Ben and TLPA along to their first rehearsals.

She proved invaluable at one point when a problem with the blocking came to light. Whilst I started saying things like "verisimilitude" and "suspension of disbelief" as I ruminated upon quite abstract ways of getting us out this hole, TLPA merely suggested Ivor take two steps to his right and... problem solved!

Good work :-)

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