Sunday, 27 May 2007

Rehearsal Report 3

Sunday mornings are meant for lie-ins and nursing hangovers - but not for Team H&M. This morning, we arrived promptly (and not so promptly, Louis...!) for another small-scale rehearsal, this one focusing on those characters involved in a couple of love triangles (does that make it a love hexagon then?)

A Kiss From a Rose?

Things seemed to progress well as we ran each of about eight sections a couple of times, and Les continued to show off by not needing his script for several of them(!) It was particularly good to welcome Sue to her first rehearsal but we'll have to get a bed organised before she can really express herself. Gosh - that sounds a bit saucy(!)

Being a smaller group, everyone - including TLPA - started pitching in with their thoughts and observations, and we actually moved a line at one point following a suggestion from KateD. I felt quite emotional about this(!) but it made sense - and such collaboration is an aspect of working on a new play which can only benefit the eventual production.

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