Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Rehearsal Report 4

With only Zena and TLPA missing last night, we had our biggest turnout so far. Zena's absence meant I got to play Sue for a while, though in the bar afterwards, I wasn't sure how to take compliments about how feminine I had been(!)

We're Going to Need a Bigger Table

We were back in the Studio unexpectedly, and significantly, our Bride and Groom met for the first time, as did the Groom and Best Man. However, there wasn't long for introductions until Becky and Caroline (playing Lucy, the Bridesmaid) were whisked away by KateD to have their measurements taken - at the behest of TLPA who is very keen to get their dresses sorted!

We started off right at the beginning, but this time my approach to the show's musical opening was much better prepared. As such, it worked pretty well, and when the cast had all but cracked it there was a spontaneous round of applause.

We then cracked on with blocking of Act One. Maybe thanks to the preparation, or maybe due to the smaller sessions we've already had, we moved at some pace and I almost forgot to give everyone a break(!) There were only a couple of moments where we had to stop, figure things out again, go back a few pages and start over, but everyone was very understanding when this happened - and when I stopped them mid-flow to usher another instruction or offer a new idea.

Annoyingly for me, this process revealed a few more technical mistakes in the script where people were told to sit even when they already were, for example. Still, things like this can easily be changed.

I think we're probably a little ahead of schedule, which is very cool considering how worried I've been. Looking at it last night, the basics are falling into place very quickly and this is very promising indeed...

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