Thursday, 31 May 2007

Rehearsal Report 5

Having achieved so much on Tuesday, there was only a little to do this evening as we wrapped up the blocking for Act One. Rather unusually, we were working on the Main Stage, but this is always quite exciting, even in a rehearsal - and especially for new members. We will, however, have to be more aware of space when moving back to the restricted confines of the Studio.

The Main Event

I was delighted that for the very first time everyone in Team H&M was present. This even expanded when our Stage Manager and Head of Wardrobe joined us towards the end.

With relatively little to do, we were able to have little fun with photos and hit the bar early. In addition, the new members got to meet the theatre's Members' Manager who explained all the wider benefits on offer at The Crescent.

Finishing quite quickly, I'm not sure that much was achieved artistically tonight, but we did what was needed and gained a lot in terms of camaradarie - which is arguably as important.


Prior to the rehearsal, we had a Progress Meeting with the theatre's Chairman and Arts Manager, amongst others. Evidently H&M is in good shape, but we will need to pay some more attention to the technical aspects of the show's design and realisation as we move forward.

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