Thursday, 10 May 2007

Two Months To Go...

In two months' time, it will be H&M's opening night.

That's a little bit scary.

We have a cast, but no rehearsal schedule, and a huge list of props and costumes to sort out. As well as the tasks I know about - cue sheet, Health & Safety assessment(!), agreeing the design etc. - there will no doubt be myriad things that crop up between now and July 10th 2007.

Directing is not only about the artistic side of things, but also the logistics - and TLPA and I have achieved a heck of a lot already in this regard.

But it's the getting-together with the cast which continues to excite me the most - I just want to get started and see the script start to come to life. Wow - what a feeling that will be. And the first time someone reads without needing the script will probably make me cry...

Nervous, excited, potent - I guess this is a bit like the Bride and Groom feel ahead of their wedding day...!

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jack_89 said...

Hi Mat its Jack

Do you knkow when we will have the finalised rehersal schedule?? Its just that my A level exams start on the 6th June, and I was just wondering if there was a clash

Jack aka Waiter