Saturday, 30 June 2007

Bed, Borrow or Steal

It may be the weekend but the work never stops for TLPA and I.

Starting off early, our first stop was Paper Jewels to see some examples of the keepsake which Kelly will be creating for us. The decision on which design to go for was unanimous and we're very pleased for another extra little touch will will help make the show something really special.

Actual Paper Jewels

With that taken care of - and having found out Ben (Dan) and Becky's (Caroline's) middle names (curious, huh?) - we turned our attention towards finding a double bed. The theatre's own furniture store had only revealed a single, and whilst this wouldn't affect the narrative in any way, we were keen to spend a little time and see what else we could either beg, borrow or blag.

After initial forays into a charity shop and a 'direct-to-the-public' discount store ('bulk beds'?), we headed to a mythical warehouse of which we had heard tell last night in the pub after seeing The Comedy of Errors.

After we had some lunch (as opposed to Lunch - which opens today and is "quickly selling out") in the car - which we ate whilst watching a couple hilariously struggle for ages and then eventually give up on trying to fit their newly-acquired, huge painting into a baby Ford Fiesta - we found "Crazy's" and tentatively ventured into the kind of decaying and battered warehouse you only ever see in post-apocalyptic nightmares.

Crazy Money

So, not particularly salubrious, but the chance of a King Size for a tenner was too good to miss out on. Sadly, the prices were only 'crazy' in terms of their enormity, so we beat a hasty retreat...

Our last chance was to go to where we should have gone first...

Lee Longlands is a prestigious and vast furniture store situated about 200 metres away from the Crescent on Broad Street.

Lee Longlands on Broad Street

After a mooch around at some truly brilliant beds, and having applied a touch of lip gloss, TLPA boldly approached a friendly-looking assistant called Steve. As she pouted and began her well-rehearsed spiel, Steve stopped her mid-flow and we anticipated that an apology would be forthcoming. However, Steve had just the thing and promptly made a phone call to sort out an ornate bed frame and a mattress which we can borrow for the show.

TLPA jumped up and down an bit and I stood dumbfounded, unable to say much. And now it's all sorted and being delivered on Friday. We are both excited and extremely grateful that our Bride and Groom will have a double-bed for their wedding night(!)

From Paper Jewels where we started, to Lee Longlands where we ended up, we've again been delighted by the support and enthusiasm of people keen to help us, join in and contribute to the momentum which H&M is continuing to build...

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