Saturday, 9 June 2007

Dramatis Personæ - Alex

An awkward but good-natured bloke, Alex is keen to enjoy himself at what is supposed to be a great, big, happy occasion. A decent husband to Rose, he is somewhat naive to the heightened emotions that she is experiencing upon being reacquainted his predecessor William.

Becoming used to Single status following my divorce, I moved myself lock, stock and barrel to Hollywood - wrongly thinking that world fame and domination would soon be mine. Only too late did I find out that life in Hollywood is not all it's cracked up to be. Everyone here is out for himself and talent comes very low on the list of promotion.

However, having close ties with Birmingham, and a great deal of affection for this great and wonderful city, my returns to Birmingham are frequent. Now, you might think that there are many great actors here in Hollywood but you would be wrong to think so. Apart from myself, I can't think of another. So, you see, it's always a great pleasure to be amongst other great thespians back in my old hometown.

Being a supremely sensible person alert to my responsibilities as a married man and, eventually, father, my acting life had been on the back burner for some considerable time. Divorce, however, freed me from these constraints and I threw myself back into theatre with renewed vigour and an amazing amount of originality (my creativity had been bottled up for far too long). The public and the directors and the critics welcomed me back into their hearts and their thoughts and, indeed, their lives - and looked forward to seeing me, working with me or just simply writing glowing tributes to me.

I have done film and television and voice-overs to the usual high standards of my theatrical work, of course, but I find those mediums boring at best and tedious at worst. The saving grace, as ever, being the generous amounts of cash they use to entice folk to leave the theatre.

Having said that, I was a little disappointed last month to hear that a film which was 'in the can' just before Christmas 2006 - in which I played a Detective Sergeant - had spent too long in the editing suite to be entered into the Cannes Film Festival this year. The title of the film is 'Veiled Existence' - a heavy drama made with Indian backing and filmed entirely on location in and around Birmingham.

Needless to say, I was excellent and everyone had to make an extra effort so as not to be eclipsed by my talent.

Incidentally, I will be getting married in a couple of years to Ann, who has been keeping me in the comfort and splendour that an artist of my calibre deserves. She's such a fortunate woman. The wedding will be in a Registry Office, like that of Alex and Rose, with similar reasons for so doing. I don't anticipate a church blessing though.

I need to keep myself free for future Directors who strongly appreciate working with instinctively inventive artistes such as myself. Although, and it goes without saying, the depth of my humility and natural inclination to be be humble does mean that they will have to beg me on bended knee to perform for them!

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