Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Dramatis Personæ - Caroline

In the words of the Best Man Chris, Caroline is "smart, successful, dedicated and creative". Proud of Dan and immensely fond of her parents Jack and Sue, the Bride revels in the occasion of her wedding which - at least for now - is all that she hoped it would be...

Hello!!! I'm Becky, I'm originally from Shrewsbury and now live in Shirley. H&M will be my Crescent debut which I'm very excited about.

From the age of ten I attended The Jane Ridgewell School of Dance, then Stage Two Drama School in Shrewsbury. I later studied Drama at the University of Derby and acted in productions of 'The Crucible' and 'My Mother Said I Never Should' at The Derby Playhouse. I then joined the Stepping Stones Theatre Company.

Last year I did some part-time acting training with Birmingham Theatre School and was in two performances with the Phoenix School of Dance.

At the last wedding I went to I was suffering from a fake tan disaster and somehow ended up being chased around the Wedding Reception by a six year old with a toy gun...(!)

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