Thursday, 7 June 2007

Dramatis Personæ - Chris

Dan's Best Man Chris is hedonistic, funny and ebullient. He is initially very popular at the wedding but his high spirits, and heavy drinking, soon seem to have gone too far.

I'm from Acocks Green and unfortunately have no unusual wedding anecdotes - maybe when I get a bit older.

My only previous role at The Crescent was a good one - the lead role in 'Billy Liar'. Prior to joining the Crescent, I played roles at The Corbett Theatre such as Captain Garbenko in 'The Homosexual', Theseus in 'Phaedra's Love' and Paulet in 'Mary Stuart'.

I trained at East 15 Acting School and The Method Studio, London.

Chris seems excited about the wedding day 'cos of the free drink, free food and, hopefully, the free and easy birds! Plus, he's the Best Man which should be laugh. He gets to do a speech and all that stuff and will hopefully get his leg over. Way hey!

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