Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Dramatis Personæ - Dan

Though quite introverted, Dan is immediately likeable. Despite being a computer obsessive, others have always found the Bridegroom charming and sensitive - until now.

I am originally from Walsall and have been a member of The Crescent for seven years.

Last seen playing Gary in Shopping and F***ing, my other Crescent credits include Jack in 'Into The Woods', Greebo and others in 'Maskerade', Joe in 'This Lime Tree Bower', a featured performer in 'Some Enchanted Evening', Antypholus S in 'The Boys From Syracuse', and The MC (amongst others) in 'Oh! What A Lovely War'. I have also appeared in three of The Crescent's famous Christmas Wassails.

Elsewhere, I appeared in a new musical based on the life of Stalin called 'Koba, Man of Steel' at Birmingham's Alexandra Theatre. As a professional I have appeared in a series of monologues entitled 'Monomania' for Dragonstail Productions at The Old Joint Stock, which has since become a fully-fledged pub theatre.

Ahead of the wedding day I know that Dan is nervous. He loves Caroline with all his heart but has these sudden feelings that he's making a mistake which just won't go away. Knowing what he knows, he just doesn't see how this wedding can be right!

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