Friday, 8 June 2007

Dramatis Personæ - Rose

Emotional but dignified, Rose is immensely proud of her son, although she sometimes still treats Dan as if he were a young boy - even on his wedding day. A worrier, her pleasant simplicity struggles to hide the inner sadness of memories brought back by being in William's presence again...

I have been acting from a very early age though those close to me may often have misconstrued it as attention seeking. After receiving rave reviews for my performance in the title role of 'Top Holly Leaf', I went on to star in my own one-woman show of 'The Trumpet Player' in my bedroom. The props included a coat hanger fashioned in the style of a trumpet and the final scene saw me in hospital - having it removed from my mouth!

After appearing as a furry rodent in my school production of 'Alice in Wonderland', I realised that the role of a dormouse was not something I was suited for. I have since realised the same of playing the role of 'drunkard' or 'slut'.

Having spent many years treading the boards, working backstage and directing in my youth, I focussed my attention on my journalism career in my early 20s, before the smell of the grease paint drew me back again and I joined an amateur dramatics company in London.

Fortunately the roles requiring a drunken dormouse behaving in a sluttish way were few and far between, so I was fortunate to be cast in a number of roles - usually playing the uptight character in a farce. I joined the Crescent Theatre Company in May 2007 and this is my first role with the company.

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