Thursday, 28 June 2007

Friday Night Sold Out (Again)

In three weeks' time, H&M will all be over. But perhaps more significantly, the cast will have played to a full house, as today we have sold the last remaining tickets for Friday night's performance.

A Full House

I'm a little emotional about this - both delighted and humbled. That so many people should show so much enthusiasm about H&M amazes me. The script is new, my directing is untried, and the entire show is a leap into the unknown...

We have proven nothing as yet. Fantastic artwork, brilliant supporters and a load of hard work do not ensure a good night at the theatre - there is no money-back guarantee for the near two-hundred people who have bought tickets so far.

But, most certainly, everybody involved will do everything they can between now and the opening night, both on stage and off, to repay the audience's faith.

[Originally Posted 22/06, 23:41]

[Update 25/06: A party of nine has moved from the Friday to the Tuesday, so the Friday is not quite sold out now.]

[Update 28/06: Friday night now sold out again. Hurrah!]

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