Friday, 29 June 2007

A Happy Meal. With a Free Toy!

TLPA, KateD and I spent this afternoon wandering around Birmingham City Centre with the intention of distributing the remaining H&M flyers and posters and picking up the last of the props we still needed.

Stop Me and Take One

Whilst not as productive as I'd hoped - the multi-nationals and chain stores weren't particularly keen to have their window displays imposed upon - there were quite a few independent stores who were happy to take a poster and/or pile of flyers. We also left a few at the City Centre's two Tourist Information places and the Central Library.

Sadly, My Seat Didn't Rotate

It was hot, too hot, but we mingled friendship far and had fun, even - in a tribute to the script - stopping off a McDonald's for a Happy Meal.

TLPA finished the day by flashing the credit card and bought a stunning ensemble for the week of the run. This isn't a show where anyone involved will be allowed to turn up in jeans...

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