Thursday, 14 June 2007

Having a Good Day

TLPA and I achieved a lot today, during an afternoon and evening which has been totally dominated by H&M. It's been hard work and pretty intense at times - but as well as being tiring, the day has brought a lot of delight and laughter.

Our first stop was the oddly-named Tardebigge for a meeting with our couture florist Lili Floral Art. With the main road flooded, TLPA's detailed route went awry and we lost ourselves several times around narrow and muddy country roads. But after a few dead ends, we were back on track and found their impressive studio.

Ushered up to her lavish client area, TLPA flicked through Lili Floral Art's stunning portfolios before Alison joined us. Rather than the quick chat you might have at a typical florist, we received a personal and considered consultation. Alison asked lots of questions and sketched busily as we showed her pictures of our dresses and described our chosen colour scheme and jewellery. Thankfully, all met with her approval.

The Floral Artists' Palette

When Alison started to describe her ideas, TLPA began bobbing up-and-down in her seat and clapping. I thought she was going to explode.

Whilst we'd broadly agreed to bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaid since first meeting them, Alison told us we could basically have whatever we wanted(!) So the set and some other members of the ensemble will now also benefit from Lili Floral Art's splendid creations. Her generosity and enthusiasm for H&M was quite humbling, as was that of her partner David who eagerly took some posters and a bundle of flyers for us.

With the decisions about blooms and styles made (though I contributed very little, I have to admit!), we then met with Kelly from Paper Jewels who creates quite lovely bespoke wedding stationery. Thankfully we didn't have to risk getting lost again just yet as Kelly, being their daughter, is based on the same premises(!)

Kelly's involvement is a little different to that of the other sponsors as she won't be providing anything for the actual play. Rather, she will be giving each member of the audience a keepsake and memento. It will be a very nice touch. We weren't sure of how many to ask for exactly, but based on out ticket sales so far, she may well become very busy.

I was in my element as we discussed fonts and content, but when it came to ribbons I let TLPA take over again. Wrapping everything up with many, many "Thank You"s, we were soon on our way to Birmingham city centre and our favourite wedding shop...

Because Confetti will also be giving each audience member a 'favour', and because we don't want the shades of our chosen accent colour to clash, we met Juliette who showed us some ideas which she had had for the gifts. Again, we want all of this to be a surprise so I won't give too much away, but as well as looking great, TLPA and I had a couple of samples - and I can confirm they were yummy.

Comparing the shades of ribbons used by two of our supporters shows the degree of attention to detail and care that both we and they are paying to the show. Our gratitude is at an equal level - and I sincerely hope that comes across...

After that, we stopped (briefly) for some food - and to accidentally leave a flyer in M&S - and then headed to the theatre for a meeting with our Stage Manager. We've had a few meetings about all aspects of the production before now, but things have seemed to me to concern some far off time. Now, we really need to know things like the length of the top table and whether we're going to be able to realise the special effects which the script rather ambitiously calls for (such as the mandatory scene with the big, stompy robots). And Ian was great - and as supportive as he has been since he gave FourPlay its genesis.

Then it was into a rehearsal, about which there will be a report on here tomorrow.

And then, TLPA and I went through the contents of our newly-delivered props trolley, assessed what we'd been given and worked out what we still need to beg, borrow or steal. Or buy. Again, there will be a post on here apropos props soon...

For now, I think I've done enough today!

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