Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Counting The Days...

Hello, there! Alex here! I thought I'd take some time to tell you that I saw the vicar last night. The one who's going to be marrying Daniel and Caroline in five weeks time. Can you believe it? Five weeks! I couldn't!

Anyway, I found out that Callie`s wedding dress is going to be a very stylish thing costing absolutely thousands. I just hope that Daniel does her justice! He usually gets his clobber from the PDSA.

I just had to tell you, the same way that I have to tell everyone, honestly! Everyone I meet I'm telling them all about the wedding, I can't stop myself, I love weddings and Daniel is very special to me and, now, Callie is, too! She's such a lovely girl. Adorable!

So, you see, I can hardly wait for the big day. I'm on the verge of distributing leaflets to tell the world about it, it's crazy, I know, but weddings get me like that, being married myself to such a wonderful woman as my Rose - although our wedding wasn't anywhere as grand as this one is going to be. I haven't seen Callie's ring, yet, but I've been told that that has cost not much less than a million pounds! It must be quite something!

But, of course, Daniel can afford it. he never spent any money when he was single, him spending all his time in the bedroom on his computer. I expect he's found the bedroom has other uses, now. Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, excuse me.

Bye! Bye!

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