Monday, 25 June 2007

Making Light Work

With the Crescent's last show, the wonderful Sunshine Boys, now having completed its run and been moved out of the Studio, this week is the 'get-in' for the four FourPlay shows.

The High Lights

There's a lot to do before the double-bill of Lunch and The Apollo of Bellac opens on Saturday, including arranging the seats, building the (albeit minimal) sets and setting furniture. Before all of that can start however, our lighting designer Joe and his team spent yesterday high up above the stage, constructing the lighting rig which will serve all four shows.

Last Thursday, I was asked to give Joe instructions about our lighting requirements asap, but in a rare case of bad organisation I hadn't had chance to start on this. So, it was a good job Joe and I bumped into one another at the theatre on Saturday night where I was (hardly) working behind the bar - so that he could kick my arse into gear.

After the punters left, I grabbed a few sheets of A4 and wrote out what we needed in the form of several diagrams and a few lists (I knew having a pdf of the script on my phone would come in handy one day!) Never having done a lighting spec before, I wasn't sure what Joe would need, but when he had a look at my scribbles and scrawls he said it was just what he wanted.

And just in time! What a relief - otherwise TLPA and I would have had to sit in the audience with a couple of torches...!

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