Saturday, 16 June 2007

Props for Props

When I was invited to direct H&M, I kind of knew that it would involve assembling a cast and organising rehearsals. But there have been a lot of unexpected things that I've had to worry about too - and props are now at the forefront of mine and TLPA's minds.

Preparing for The Morning After

Whilst there are plenty of props, I haven't really given them any thought as we've been going through the rehearsals. Now, it's time to introduce them, work out what gets set where, and then no doubt discover that whilst plenty of things get brought on, I haven't thought about how to get rid of them(!)

Before all that though, we need to assemble all of the props, and this is proving something of a task too. I always knew that the combination of lofty visions and being set in the modern day was going to prove problematical (after all, no-one donates their very latest gadgets to the local theatre) and this became evident as TLPA went through the trolley of items which had been prepared for us on Thursday. Not only were there a few things missing, but some of the items we had been given weren't really in keeping with the style or colour scheme which we're aiming for.

That sounds pretentious, but when our Bride and Bridesmaid are wearing several thousand pounds' worth of couture dresses, carrying designer bouquets and wearing bespoke jewellery, we need to be a little bit picky about all the other elements of the mise-en-scène.

It also sounds a little bit ungrateful to those who found these props for us - but it's honestly not meant to be. I'm very glad that this has been done at this stage so that TLPA and I now know what we still have to find and have the time to do so. And I'm sure the cast will help - which may prove to be a good thing.

After all, if we're using some of their own champagne flutes, then they're far less likely to get broken(!)

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