Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 10

With almost all of Act Two blocked during the last two rehearsals, it was time to let the cast run the whole of the play's second half. I introduced a couple of changes to the script which seemed to work, and people chipped in to change a few words here and there to improve things even further. It seems that the actors are getting to know these characters better than I do now...!

The Team H&M Bench (Settees)

A shopping trolley full of props was waiting for us and I'm grateful to those who worked hard on Monday night to sort that out. However, we resisted temptation for now, and I won't introduce props until we next run each act.

With Becky (Caroline) off ill, TLPA got to play the Bride all evening. I'd thank her but I think the enjoyment she gained was thanks enough! Allegations that she had poisoned Becky in order to get the chance to play Caroline were not convincingly denied...(!)

It went pretty well and was very watchable. Jack (The Waiter) shared in the highlight of the night - though to reveal what happened would be to expose one of the play's secrets, so I'll go no further...

A slight worry has emerged in my mind about Act Two's running time. It all seemed to go very quickly, and when the scripts are down and the pace inevitably picks up, it's going to be even swifter. Not too swift I hope.

Just like when we ran Act One for the first time, it was fun for me to put the script away, not worry about giving instructions - and just watch. On a couple of occasions, I forgot that a couple of actors had missed a couple of previous rehearsals, and although they bravely tried to put themselves in the right places at the right times, I eventually remembered that I was there to do a job and rescued them from their disorientation.

We ended off with, appropriately, the ending. It's something a little different, something a little ambitious, and something I've been imagining for months now...

And it worked brilliantly.

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