Friday, 15 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 11

Somehow, amongst all of the activity yesterday, we found time for some rehearsing, which is of course the most important thing ahead of the show's opening(!)

Jackanory's Not Sitting Comfortably

Last night was another small-scale session, as we concentrated on the relationship between Jack and Sue. They're a great couple of characters (imho) and provide many of the show's highlights. And although they're very different, they share something quite unique.

Having blocked the entire play, Roger and Zena had been through the scenes a couple of times before last night. So, our time together was just about picking out a few things, experimenting, and making their relationship that little bit more compelling and convincing.

Ivor turned up unexpectedly, so we were also able to play a few scenes involving Alex. Again, everything had been put in place, but there's always room for little changes to keep making things even better.

That was the last of the rehearsals involving just a few of us. To have such a great cast is one thing, but to have worked with them in these up-close sessions has been a privilege. At times, it's been like having a private two-seater theatre for just me and TLPA. It's been great to see the small details - the slight change of expression, the new glint in the eye, the very subtle alteration in emphasis here and there...

And it's been a bit of a giggle too.

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