Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Rehearsal Report 13

Ouch! That was the pressure starting to kick in as last night's rehearsal signaled just three weeks to go.

Damn - The Cake Didn't Rise

Despite being another run-through of things we've already done, last night was described by several members of the cast as "hard work" and it's something I felt as well. Maybe it was the introduction of props - and a couple of issues that this highlighted - or maybe it was because everyone is striving to run without their scripts?

Or maybe it was because our Stage Manager Ian was in attendance and in his role as the theatre's Arts Manager, making sure we were up to standard. He certainly made me a little nervous!

Ian made a couple of justified comments about private and/or public conversations. Sometimes - and I guess not just in H&M - there are a couple of characters who are speaking but the rest of the ensemble aren't supposed to hear, whereas at other times everybody on the stage is intended to listen. We will need to work a little on this aspect so as to guide the audience, albeit subtly.

Some other comments regarded the lighting, which is the one aspect I feel weakest on. Still, I can't help thinking it's all looking pretty good, and with a little help in this regard, I'm sure it will all come together in the time we still have.

Elsewhere, elements of actual performance are starting to come through from those who are more confident with their lines and moves. But it can't have been helpful when I kept stopping to do things such as work out how a necessary beer glass got brought on stage(!)

Time for an uninterrupted run-through soon I think...

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